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The Gift Of Slow

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Slowness…moving slowly, thinking slowly, witnessing slowly, listening slowly, acting slowly, experiencing slowly. ‘Slow’ is an antidote to the undesirable consequences of a fast-paced, reactive, stress-inducing, disconnected and high-pressured world. A counterbalance to a culture of fast action. Slowness, to some people and certain agendas, might seem counter-productive, anti-work, lazy, boring, dumb, uncompetitive, uncomfortable, aimless, lacking in vitality and even void of creative flare. The opposite is true. Slowness is the key to unlocking the capacity to a more responsive, reflective, thoughtful, calm, sensitive, intuitive, connected, centered, creative, vital, playful and empathic self. Intentional slowness is empowering, rebellious, exciting, practical, interesting, divergent, revealing, magical… Slow transcends time and swallows the scurry. Slowness gives direction and purpose to pace. Sense into that idea, slowly. Your nervous system will thank you. #embodiment #slowspace #embodiedawareness #slowdown#tedxmeunster

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