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Hi, I’m Tarryn: theatre specialist, trainer and facilitator. 

Spanning almost two decades, my career reflects a diverse range of theatre and performance contexts, approaches, and teaching and learning environments.

I’ve lectured Acting, Theatre-making, Voice and Speech, and Scenography and Theatre Technology. I continue teaching accredited Playback Theatre short courses and supervising Applied Theatre research at the University of the Witwatersrand. A Masters degree in Drama and Film Research from the same academic institution inspired me to discover performance-based research and conduct inter-disciplinary investigations.

Cultural exchange ignites my interest and I have travelled extensively, led processes, or collaborated with international theatre artists from Cuba to Bulgaria, India, Russia, Belarus, Norway and Denmark. Seven years as a full time Dramatic Arts educator taught me how to mentor young adults and children, and curate innovative projects within the framework of the South African education system. 

I am a proud founding member and co-director of Drama for Life Playback Theatre in Johannesburg. I completed Playback Leadership training in Brazil a few years ago, becoming an accredited Playback Trainer through the Centre of Playback Theatre and serve as the Regional Representative of Africa for the International Playback Theatre Network. The 'Roots and Routes of Playback Theatre’ International Conference held in South Africa in December 2023 provided a two-year leadership role for me in a committee of experienced and bold women leaders in the field. 


Hi, I'm Colin: theatre-maker, storyteller and facilitator 


My unique journey spans 14 years in being based in Norway, with extensive travel around the globe before returning to South Africa 17 years ago. Rooted in anthropological theater and cultural performance, my exploration has led me to storytelling, design thinking, and embodiment.

I was awarded the Bunka-Chow fellowship for an eight-month theatre study and research experience in Japan, studied Balinese Dance and martial arts in Indonesia, worked with Theatre symposiums around Europe for many years under the guidance of the European Association of Theatre, and have studied techniques and methodologies from Russia theatre making training approaches in Moscow. I hold a Masters Degree in Theatre from Wits University. 

As a storytelling facilitator and certified embodiment coach, I enhance strategic storytelling capabilities, emphasizing the body as a storytelling instrument. With a fascination for the neurobiology of embodiment, I bridge the mind-body gap in my practice, leveraging neuroscience for enriched thinking, collaboration, and innovation.

With seven years of experience as a design thinking facilitator, including collaboration with DesignThinkers Group globally, I incorporate storytelling and embodied-theater for enhanced empathy, creativity, and problem-solving. 

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