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Paul - CEO, Synergy Global Consulting, Johannesburg       

Colin was asked to build our storytelling muscle as a company and as individuals. Colin designed a process that allowed for creativity, fun and most importantly the identification of what we are all about as a business. It cleared up some conceptual blockages we had and has provided a positive frame for our ability to reach out into the network, have something to say, and receive wisdom and insight with open minds and hearts.  


Colin was the facilitator at an all-day workshop on the subject of Storytelling. Colin has an infectious teaching style and you can see he knows his subject matter inside and out. Colin provided a safe environment for us attendees to stretch our abilities and learn new skills in a constructive manner. I'd definitely attend a workshop he's facilitating again..





Thank you for the great presentation and performance you shared with us yesterday! I felt totally lifted up & joyful during and after the session. It was like a new Joe Dispenza interactive seminar!:) 

Steven - Experience Designer,

Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Horia - Online participant       

Tine -  Service Designer, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

What a treat to have you deliver this course...In my experience, you made it really easy for people - including myself - to open up and contribute throughout the day. Your ability to encourage individuals to step out of their comfort zone and explore new territory was remarkable. I found you balanced the theoretical input with the practical output really well. You didn't only talk about how to tell stories, and how to use different tools and methods, you went ahead and told us stories, showcasing their different effects. What a great way of creating memorable experiences!

 Darren Graham - Director,

Joint Prosperity

Colin is known for applying creativity and a growth mindset to business challenges. His value is facilitating new thinking to new problems to achieve breakthroughs and impact. Colin brings new ideas, creativity, art and fun to the learning process. His facilitation skills keep his audience energised and engaged in creative problem solving.

Carrie - Client Service Director, Mscsports, Johannesburg

We had the pleasure of having Colin Skelton facilitate a company workshop and the day was more interactive and successful than we had ever imagined. 


Not only is Colin energetic, warm and engaging – his story-telling methods assisted us in driving a few messages home for our team as well as assisted us in unpacking and finding solutions for challenges we are facing as a business. 


He is so entertaining and ensured that this workshop will remain relevant and memorable for our team for a long time to come! He was well suited to our environment and as a very diverse group of people, he related extremely well. 


We are very grateful for his contribution to our workshop which focussed on revisiting our company values & USP. We hope we can welcome him back into our space very soon!

Michael - Online Participant

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