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“Intelligence is not a fixed lump of something that is in our heads. It’s a transaction – a fluid interaction among our brains, bodies, our spaces and our relationships."-  Elliot Aronson


EMBODIED DESIGN aims to enhance the experience of life and work through facilitating awareness of the connected intelligence of your body and mind, by training people in techniques and practices for application in the workplace.

Your Body Knows

While the "learn-by-doing" mantra is widely praised in innovation, it often sidelines the power of physical engagement. Current methods involving static activities like talking or standing, miss out on harnessing our innate embodied intelligence. This limitation constrains our viewpoints and insights.

Enter Embodied Design – a paradigm acknowledging the pivotal role of our physicality. How we move, our body language, and even our metaphors shape our thinking and communication. By weaving physicality and theater techniques into the design process, Embodied Design not only deepens understanding but also fuels innovation.

Our universal embodied nature bridges divides, uniting us beyond cultural and economic boundaries. We all experience the world through living bodies, fostering a unique connection and empathy. Infusing physical intelligence into design opens doors to superior collaboration and a brighter future. These fresh perspectives enrich design thinking, crucial for tackling today's intricate challenges.

*Services include design thinking facilitation, creative embodiment workshops and coaching, applied theatre activations.*

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