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Circles of Attention

Increasing human connection, resilience and adaptability




applying theatre-making perspectives and practices



an embodied leadership approach to working with groups.

Circles Of Attention


Are you ready to challenge the confines of linear thinking and meet the exciting possibilities of embodied facilitation?


Join us to expand your facilitation toolbox, invigorate your sessions, and breathe new life into your practice.

Increasing human connection, resilience and adaptability




applying theatre-making perspectives and practices



an embodied leadership approach to working with groups.

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Join us for a 3-day immersive, learning retreat in theatre-making aesthetics, right by the ocean, designed to enhance your creative facilitation and leadership skills. This experience offers energizing and dynamic approaches to leading and facilitating groups through theoretical, philosophical and practical applications of the body in group dynamics. Curated with non-theatre creatives and facilitators in mind, this retreat is led by experienced theatre-making trainers, collaborators and facilitators, Colin Skelton and Tarryn Lee.


Umzumbe Beach, often referred to as Pumela Beach, is a wonderful Blue Flag beach in the little seaside village of Umzumbe. Remaining largely undiscovered, the beach is one of the best kept secrets on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast.

The beach is wonderful for swimming, with tidal pools and lifeguards on duty throughout the year. As the beach is sheltered, it also provides the perfect spot for a long stroll along the warm sand, surrounded by unspoiled coastal vegetation.

Umzumbe Beach & Aloha Life Retreat 

In this learning retreat, you will discover how to shift from your 'thinking self' to your 'feeling self', and how to apply this fresh perspective into facilitation practices. 


We will work creatively with the theatre-making framework of Space, BodyMind, and Relationship


Are you a curious facilitator, leader, or coach:

  • Working with people in social innovation, creative leadership, and other contexts of collaboration where a deeper human connection is missing.

  • Frustrated with the over-reliance on linear thinking and overly rational approaches to conversations, group dynamics and collaboration?

  • Tired of working in the same habitual ways and looking for methods to activate and invigorate your sessions with more creative flair, emotional resonance, and energy?

  • Ready to explore current and evolving trends in embodied approaches to facilitation work in the context of an increasingly changing and complex world.


Learning outcomes:

  • Enhance your somatic awareness and intelligence with unique and powerful theatre-making techniques.

  • Unlock creativity at the meeting point of presence, active imagination, and play.

  • Cultivate body-mind intelligence to enhance group dynamics, collaboration, and connection.

  • Expand your facilitation toolbox with engaging, experiential exercises and fresh perspectives.

  • Discover skills to bring more of our humanness into the future world of work.


Learning environment:

  • Reside in a spacious beach-house with breathtaking views of the ocean just a stone's throw away from a blue-flag status beach on the stunning south coast of KZN, Umzumbe Beach.

  • Indulge in delicious and nourishing, yet simple food to support your journey of creative self-discovery.

  • Work intimately with nature as both a source of inspiration and a collaborator of creative expression.


Whether you're new to leveraging theatre-making approaches or an experienced facilitator, this immersion provides a supportive peer group environment with regular, creative, and playful explorations, both indoors and in nature on the beach.

If you're a facilitator, group leader, or trainer looking to reimagine facilitation work with an interdisciplinary lens, grounded in solid theory of practice, in an experiential journey, then this opportunity awaits you.


What we will not be doing...

This training is not intended to teach you how to be an actor or performer. Rather, it will impart techniques and tools to enable you to bring the lens and capacities of a theatre practitioner, with the focus on the body as having agency in conversations and creativity, into your current modes of work.


Don't miss out on this invitation to reignite your passion for facilitation and join a community of like-minded professionals committed to pushing boundaries by embracing the artistry of embodied leadership.


“Expand into your body and the space around you, thats where ideas and inspiration comes from. Do not start in your brain”.

- Ginny Whitelaw, Aikido and Zen master

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