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 Strategic Storytelling Lab.

Unlock the power of storytelling in your professional journey. Craft compelling narratives that transform culture, inspire action, and elevate your leadership through our immersive storytelling experiences.

An Effective and Strategic Deep-Dive into Your Storytelling Journey, this course is designed for creative leaders, facilitators, coaches, business managers, and anyone eager to elevate their communication strategies and humanise their message.

Sign up for the Strategic Storytelling Lab training today and become a confident, influential storyteller in business and beyond.

* Available as an in-person, online or customised training experience.

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Learn to Gather, Craft, and Deliver Stories with Your Audience in Mind

Dive deep into the art of storytelling with a practical, hands-on approach. Master the essentials of gathering stories for your ‘carrier bag’ and crafting compelling business narratives with strategic intent for any situation.

Bring your stories to life and captivate your audience. Learn to activate your storytelling instruments—your body and voice—for impactful delivery using techniques from theater and embodied principles. Build confidence as a storyteller and shine on any stage.

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"Colin quickly won us over by engaging the group in his own compelling storytelling and breaking down for us how to tell our own stories in our ways.


He has a magnetic energy about him, and he made the whole experience a delight to be a part of and to learn from...I came away with new practical insights I could use in my personal and professional life.


I would highly recommend and would do more classes with Colin in a heartbeat.

- Benjamin McDiarmid

Strategic Storytelling Lab. 

The Strategic Storytelling Lab is an interactive and cutting-edge learning experience designed to build your storytelling confidence and set you on the path to mastery.

Developed over years of iteration, this training helps you discover and unleash your inner storyteller, guiding you through a journey from technical insights to the magic of performance storytelling.

Participants will gain a broad range of narrative skills, relevant knowledge, and delivery competencies that can be immediately applied in any context, whether in your organization or in your personal life.

You will be introduced to the essentials of storytelling, learning how to gather stories and relevant information to ensure your narratives resonate and connect with your audiences.

Learn to craft your stories with optimal structure, brevity, and creative flair. You’ll discover how to integrate the gathering and crafting process with creative components, setting you on a confident storytelling journey.

Embracing your inner storyteller means bringing your stories to life with confidence, creative courage, and presence.

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"Just the right amount of content. Relevant, engaging and ready to be moved into practice almost instantly."   - Michael

Who Should Attend

Leaders, managers, creatives, designers, facilitators, and coaches.

What You Will Learn

  • A Fusion of Practice integrates years of research, practical application, and expert facilitation in storytelling.

  • Gain a deep understanding of storytelling fundamentals and receive essential technical insights. Explore a variety of story components to enhance your storytelling prowess.

  • Learn to think in stories, master the art of gathering and collecting impactful narratives, and hone your skills in crafting human-centered stories.

  • Discover how storytelling can catalyze buy-in for your projects by envisioning compelling futures through narrative.

  • Benefit from insights in neuroscience and embodied cognition, deepening your comprehension through the compelling science of storytelling.

  • Master the art of blending data with storytelling for persuasive presentations, pitches, and talks.

  • This course is designed to be highly responsive to the storytelling aspirations of every participant.

Audience-Focused for Empathy

  • Discover the art of forging emotional connections with your audience—the essence of impactful storytelling.

  • Uncover the secrets to persuading, influencing, and motivating your audience through the stories you select.

  • Learn to humanize your message, fostering trust and resonance with your listeners.

  • Guided to tailor your storytelling to resonate with your audience, ensuring relevance, impact, and lasting memorability.

Learn-By-Doing Approach

  • Experience a guided journey that gently stretches your comfort zone, fostering growth and boosting your confidence in storytelling.

  • Embark on an immersive learning adventure to unlock new insights and elevate your storytelling skills. The emphasis is on continuous crafting, iteration, and hands-on practice.

  • Discover techniques for embracing creative risks in strategic story crafting and delivery, empowering you to make impactful narrative choices.

  • Integrate technical knowledge with practical skills, drawing inspiration from theater coaching methods like improvisation, embodiment, and simulations.

  • Gain practical experience crafting and presenting stories that you can apply immediately, empowering you to lead confidently with storytelling in any professional or personal setting.


  • Experience a fun, energizing, and engaging learning environment enriched with diverse storytelling examples to deepen your understanding.

  • Harness the transformative power of storytelling to enhance collaborative dynamics and shape organizational culture.

  • Discover how strategically used stories can captivate audiences and ignite meaningful action.

  • Become a skilled storyteller by mastering the art of story-gathering. Learn to listen attentively, extract compelling narratives from others, and cultivate curiosity and empathy—an essential aspect of honing your storytelling prowess.

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*Customised and in-house storytelling training is also available on request with consultation. 

Meet Your Story Coach

Colin Skelton is an experienced creativity facilitator, theatre-maker, storyteller and design thinker who has spent decades working with the art of storytelling. 


He has designed and facilitated numerous storytelling trainings, both in-person and online, with corporates, universities, and other organisations in South Africa and internationally. 


Colin brings a unique approach to his storytelling work. With a rigorous and deep understanding of applied storytelling, Colin activates the learnings through story examples, guided story coaching, and applied theatre techniques to bring your stories to life. 

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Paul - CEO, Synergy Global Consulting, Johannesburg       

Colin was asked to build our storytelling muscle as a company and as individuals. Colin designed a process that allowed for creativity, fun and most importantly the identification of what we are all about as a business. It cleared up some conceptual blockages we had and has provided a positive frame for our ability to reach out into the network, have something to say, and receive wisdom and insight with open minds and hearts.  


Colin was the facilitator at an all-day workshop on the subject of Storytelling. Colin has an infectious teaching style and you can see he knows his subject matter inside and out. Colin provided a safe environment for us attendees to stretch our abilities and learn new skills in a constructive manner. I'd definitely attend a workshop he's facilitating again.

Horia - Online participant       


Thank you for the great presentation and performance you shared with us yesterday! I felt totally lifted up & joyful during and after the session. It was like a new Joe Dispenza interactive seminar!:) 

Steven - Experience Designer,

Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Tine -  Service Designer, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

What a treat to have you deliver this course...In my experience, you made it really easy for people - including myself - to open up and contribute throughout the day. Your ability to encourage individuals to step out of their comfort zone and explore new territory was remarkable. I found you balanced the theoretical input with the practical output really well. You didn't only talk about how to tell stories, and how to use different tools and methods, you went ahead and told us stories, showcasing their different effects. What a great way of creating memorable experiences!

 Darren Graham - Director,

Joint Prosperity

Colin is known for applying creativity and a growth mindset to business challenges. His value is facilitating new thinking to new problems to achieve breakthroughs and impact. Colin brings new ideas, creativity, art and fun to the learning process. His facilitation skills keep his audience energised and engaged in creative problem solving.

Carrie - Client Service Director, Mscsports, Johannesburg

We had the pleasure of having Colin Skelton facilitate a company workshop and the day was more interactive and successful than we had ever imagined. 


Not only is Colin energetic, warm and engaging – his story-telling methods assisted us in driving a few messages home for our team as well as assisted us in unpacking and finding solutions for challenges we are facing as a business. 


He is so entertaining and ensured that this workshop will remain relevant and memorable for our team for a long time to come! He was well suited to our environment and as a very diverse group of people, he related extremely well. 


We are very grateful for his contribution to our workshop which focussed on revisiting our company values & USP. We hope we can welcome him back into our space very soon!

Michael - Online Participant

​Just the right amount of content, relevant, engaging and ready to be moved into practice almost instantly.


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