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“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”


thinking begins to move when we move to think.

We help unlock creativity and imagination, unleash the power of storytelling, and empower teams to drive innovation for corporate clients and medium-sized businesses.


Through immersive experiences and tailored methodologies rooted in design thinking, narrative strategy, and the applied theatre arts, we nurture hidden potential, foster collaboration, and amplify communication.


Whether it's challenging traditional thinking or integrating embodied principles, our purpose is to build bridges of practice that transform both mindsets and body-sets, towards future-fit cultures of creative agility and holistic growth.


Hi, I'm Colin

As a kid, I dreamt of traveling.


In my dad's office, I would spin his desk globe, asking about random countries that my finger would rest on.


Eventually, he'd humorously say, "Get your head out of the clouds and your feet on the ground."


But I'm glad I didn't follow that advice.


Instead, I kept dreaming, and oh, the places I went, just like Dr. Seuss predicted!

Travel has taught me the value of nurturing a learner's mindset with an open-hearted approach to the journey of life.  


These days, I keep my head in the clouds with my feet on the ground.

Colin is a dynamic facilitator who not only met but exceeded our expectations in every way, ensuring an unforgettable and interactive experience for all participants.

- Carrie Delaney: Managing Director, Johannesburg

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