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Adaptability is the capacity to move between your thinking-self and your feeling-self.

At Move Your Thinking, we help individuals, teams, and organizations to amplify their impact, through strategic, creative and embodied approaches to people development. 

We design and lead customized workshops and interactive sessions at the strategic intersection of design thinking, storytelling, applied theatre arts, and creative facilitation practices. Our methods enhance connection, unlock creativity, and support the growth of future-fit organizational cultures.

By bridging rational and somatic intelligence activation into our facilitation designs, we disrupt stagnant and outdated approaches with dynamic learning and collaboration practices, empowering teams to enhance their problem-solving efforts with fresh perspectives.

"It was such an excellent day! Thank you so much. Everybody was invested and the interaction was so positive and productive! Thanks to YOU!!!" - Carrie, CEO

"Colin is a dynamic facilitator who not only met but exceeded our expectations in every way, ensuring an unforgettable and interactive experience for all participants."- Darren, CEO

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